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More than 8 Years of Custom Software Development

custom software development

More than 8 Years of Custom Software Development

Since 2011, custom software development firm, Inverse-Square has worked with more than 100 businesses and organizations based in Indiana and over 200 projects for new and existing clients. Although we pride ourselves on being a local Indianapolis company, our custom software is used not only nationwide, but in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

And just as we’ve grown, so have the companies that we’ve developed software for. Aided by their Inverse-Square built Property Acquisition System, property management firm Renu has acquired over 10,000 properties worth in excess of $1 billion; and SC Online sales, an online livestock auction house has sold over $17 million worth of livestock through their Online Auction Platform.

Check out our highlight reel:

When Fineline Printing Group’s business outgrew their software, it was decided that an Invoice Automation Application was just what they needed to keep their operations running smoothly and efficiently. The application automates Fineline’s complex invoicing needs with system integration. Their two independent legacy applications were integrated – improving the consistency of their reporting, their workflows, and decreasing the number of operational man-hours required to serve their clients.

Much like Fineline, Genesis Engineering Group’s growth created challenges. Using Excel spreadsheets to manage their project planning became more and more taxing as the firm grew and project scopes increased. Now they have their own Project Management Application built specifically to their requirements. Their application not only allows them to see the total scope of past, current, and upcoming projects, but also to easily calculate budgets, adjust dates, and change project phases as needed.

Worldwide manufacturer Signode needed custom software to work alongside their custom machinery. The Manufacturing Automation System was so perfect that Signode took a patent out on it!

The Indiana Hemophilia and Thrombosis Center (IHTC) also has unique requirements. The IHTC manages vital health data with a Health Information Management System and the Healthcare Information Management System tracks payments and payment arrangements for the Amish community. (How is that for custom?)

While IHTC got two applications, Cook got one to replace several. They are another global company benefiting from an Inverse-Square custom application. Cook Medical hosts events all over the globe from Europe to the Middle East and Asia. The Event Tracking Application which replaced Cook’s multiple software applications that were being used globally, keeps everyone up to date and on the same webpage.

Speaking of keeping everyone on the same page, this is a must for the Indianapolis Airport Authority (IAA). While Indianapolis Airport is routinely named America’s best airport, the IAA works hard behind the scenes to achieve that designation. Their Financial and Budgeting Tracking System keeps all of their data centralized in one remote accessed modern programmable platform.

Another company working hard behind the scenes is Barada Associates. When companies need background checks on prospective employees, they turn to Barada Associates. And when Barada Associates wanted to automate their background screening processes with workflow automation, they turned to Inverse-Square. Their processes are now streamlined with Automated Background Screening.

Process automation has also benefited Music Travel Consultants (MTC). MTC organizes travel for thousands of students in school bands, a job that included the manual entry of data managed by databases and spreadsheets. Now the Group Ticket Machine automates and streamlines the entire process for them saving valuable time and resources.

Before heading off to college, Indiana students can turn to the National Center for College Costs (NCCC). Thanks to the  Workflow Management System built by Inverse-Square, students can log on, create accounts, fill out estimators, compare college costs for colleges in Indiana, and contact The NCCC staff with questions.

For our friends at College Mentors for Kids and Special Olympics Indiana, we developed Membership Management Systems to help them both continue their good work in the community. Tailored specifically to their requirements, each of the software systems makes it easier to manage volunteering, onboarding, information, and activities.

Our charity initiative has resulted in a new Volunteer Management System for local animal charity Paws & Think. Team Awesome dedicated their time to tailoring Paws & Think’s existing platform to better fit their needs. The platform is now streamlined and more user-friendly. Having their platform customized also means that Paws & Think can now produce reports directly from their software system. These reports can be used to apply for grants that are essential for the growth of the organization.

And with their Community Service Application, Project Giving Kids gets children involved in volunteering activities in their communities. Children and parents can log on to the custom web application and find appropriate service-based activities in their areas.

Local think tank Sagamore Institute’s Interactive Mapping Application is an application that gives individuals in need of non-profit services such as food pantries, crisis centers, and job training, the ability to locate specific non-profits within their area that offer those services. (Sounds impressive doesn’t it? That’s because building software for a think tank is impressive. Score 1 for Team Awesome.)

And let’s not forget about the Naughty & Nice Application Program we built for Santa Claus. That application will keep us on the Nice List for years and years to come.

Team Awesome has over 200 projects under our belts and lots of exciting ones to come! Thank you to our clients for contributing to our continuing success, for choosing us, and for believing in us.

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