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A Start-Up Career in Indianapolis

A Start-Up Career in Indianapolis

As the year gets under way, many driven individuals are evaluating their professional accomplishments and planning for the future, and possibly even determining if it’s time for a career change. Sometimes it’s easier for job seekers to turn to large corporations or companies they are more familiar with, however, the opportunities that start-ups, specifically start-ups in Indianapolis, can offer are endless.

If you consider yourself an entrepreneur at heart then there is no reason that you wouldn’t choose a start-up over a corporate setting. Here are five reasons that a start-up can offer a more satisfying career.

1. More passion – To start any business, you have to have a great amount of passion. So if you join a company that is just getting started, you are going to feel an exciting energy from the owners and employees alike. They chose to start the venture because they believed in it and are passionate about making it work. This enthusiasm is contagious, so jump in!

2. New ideas – One of the negatives of working at a large corporation that has been around for decades is the amount of processes and policies in place. The amount of effort and persistence it takes to get those things to change can be overwhelming. When joining a start-up, ideas are what keep the company moving. You have the freedom to start new processes, see what works and then try again. The ability to get creative and take risks is a definite plus when working for a start-up business.

3. More responsibilities – One of the greatest things about being hired on with a start-up is that your role and responsibilities can change daily. For some, this is not an ideal situation. But, for those entrepreneurial spirits, the constant change is what keeps things exciting. Time moves in “start-up” years. The amount of things you are able to produce, accomplish and learn at a year with a start-up business could have taken you five years at a larger business where your role is strictly defined.

4. Takes you out of your comfort zone – Don’t like presenting to clients or managing a team? Maybe it’s time to learn! With fewer internal resources, sometimes you may be asked to do things you’re not 100% comfortable with. That’s okay! Take it in stride and use every opportunity as a learning lesson.

5. Fun – If the first 4 things weren’t enough to convince you, consider how much fun you can have! Everyday is different and the start-up culture and environment is like none other. Flexible work hours and a casual dress code are just a few of the perks.

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