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Inverse-Square: 101

Inverse Square Employees

Inverse-Square: 101

One early Autumn weekend in 2011, Bob Baird and some friends headed out to Morgan-Monroe State Forest for a much deserved break. Earlier that week, Bob had successfully finished a challenging, months-long project at the small custom software firm he had been working for, and a weekend enjoying nature’s quiet, and his friend’s company seemed like the perfect way to clear his head. Bob also knew that with his wife being seven months pregnant with their first child, an opportunity to get away with the boys wouldn’t come along again for sometime.

IS_101_400x193.pngReturning to his tent after a long hike, Bob turned his phone on and was surprised to see twelve missed calls and a what seemed like a never ending scroll of texts. As he thumbed through the messages Bob pieced together what had happened; everything was OK at home, but the software company he had been working at for seven years had shut down. Without one word of warning, his job was gone, and with that his security as well.

Bob spent the next couple of hours packing up his campsite and thinking. How had this happened? What had gone wrong? Why hadn’t the employees been kept in the loop? 

By the time he was loading up his car, Bob knew exactly what he was going to do; he would start his own shop; one that would fix all of the things that he thought went wrong with the company, and one that would fill a much needed void in the industry. Bob would start a firm that would make communication the number one priority, not only with its clients, but with its team as well, and he’d bring that new kid at the office, Joe, with him.

In October 2011, Bob and Joe started working together, building Inverse-Square from the ground up. For three months, they worked out of coffee shops and the Indianapolis Public Library. The arrangement was working out fine for the two man outfit; they’d meet at a coffee shop, do some work, and then head over to the library to do some more.

It didn’t take long for Bob and Joe to discover that the most coveted work space at the library was one of its meeting rooms, and everyday they’d stick their names down on the list to reserve a couple of hours in one. Sometimes if no one put their name down after them, they would get lucky and could work quietly for hours on end without any interruptions. Things were great, they were getting the job done, and saving on rent in the process.

But that all changed one day when Bob and Joe were in the middle of a complex piece of code. There was a knock on the door of the meeting room and in walked the librarian. She was coming to boot them out, their time was up, they had to give up the room. 

The interruption during a crucial moment of coding was all the motivation Bob needed. They were getting an office, and they were getting one that day! Bob thought of the old industrial building that he drove by every morning. It had a nice factory feel, good bones, and most importantly, history. 

Joe followed Bob as he strode across downtown and walked into the Stutz Building. Within a couple of hours, Bob had signed a lease and Inverse-Square had an office. And once that shingle was hung on the door, it didn’t take long for the rest of the pieces to fall into place; Ann Marie, Drew, Zach, Jesse, Sara, Patrick, Devin, and Tyler. Team Awesome was born.

If you ask Bob Baird what he thinks about how it all turned out, he’ll tell you that Inverse-Square is much bigger than he ever could have imagined that day in the forest five years ago, but it remains true to what he set out to do; he built a custom software development company based on open communication with the clients, and his team. And on the rare occasion, he still gets to go camping.

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