About Inverse-Square | Custom Web Application Development
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About Inverse-Square


Inverse-Square exists to solve workflow problems for businesses with unique or complex processes.

Inverse-Square’s mission is to eradicate workflow problems and increase productivity by creating the tools businesses and individuals need to live and work to their full potential. No matter how big or small a project is, we can help organizations build better software for their team.

Inverse-Square: a law in physics that states that the closer you are to a source, the stronger that source is.


We believe close communication and a deep understanding of someone’s needs trumps technical ability — every time. We chose the name as an acknowledgment to how powerful a close relationship can be.

Inverse-Square Logo | What does Inverse-Square Mean?
Learn more about how we work with our clients and why clients love us.


Like many other companies, Inverse-Square cares about our customers and we provide exceptional customer service, build quality products and have a knowledgeable team. But there’s something that makes us extra special.


We’re different from our competitors through our real-time transparency and accountability. At any given time, our customers can see the progress of their project and the communication between our team within our Liquid Planner dashboard, our internal project management tool.


No ifs, ands, or buts. You have full access to all our communications in real-time.


By providing clients with access to this information, it keeps our team accountable and provides complete transparency into our process and how we make decisions. And you aren’t left with any questions.

Our team is awesome — Team Awesome, to be exact. Learn more about who you’ll be working with.


Inverse-Square’s culture — both internally and externally — is successful because we place so much importance on our values. These five core values drive the way we do business and how we provide exceptional service to our customers: 


Effective communication with our team and clients is imperative to providing the unparalleled customer service we promise our clients. 


Our internal culture is cultivated by the respect we give to each other and the respect we give to our clients.


We take pride in our craft, providing quality solutions for our clients. We never cut any corners, and we develop solutions that are truly tailormade and exceptional. 


We make changes today that will make tomorrow better. We are committed to continual learning, improvement and growth.


We value integrity above all else; be honest in all places to all people at all times. 

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Learn about our team’s values here.

Let us help you build better software so you can focus on what’s important.