Ann Marie Delarosa, Application Development Manager | Inverse-Square
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Ann Marie DeLaRosa

Meet Ann Marie

Ann Marie joined Inverse-Square after experiencing both the consultant and software developer worlds. Her diverse skills, as evident by her degrees in both technology and music, found her looking for a company where she could be more than just a programmer. She hasn’t looked back since starting at Inverse-Square!


On the job, Ann Marie plans and supervises the design, development, and implementation of applications. In short, communication is key in her world. She also gets to hone her programming skills on new and existing systems. Collaboration with her awesome co-workers and consumption of dark chocolate are key components to a good day’s work.


In her free time, Ann Marie utilizes her mean keyboard skills in a slightly different fashion. With a second degree in piano performance, Ann Marie enjoys playing music; whether it’s accompanying local choirs, jamming with her tuba-playing husband, or singing kiddie songs with their son. When not playing music, Ann Marie also enjoys walking her famously cheerful dog, Zoe, and occasionally kicks up her heels through Irish dance.


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Ann Marie DeLaRosa
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