Project Spotlight: SANESolution - Inverse-Square
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Project Spotlight: SANESolution

application program interface optimization

Project Spotlight: SANESolution

Lose weight and save more money; if you asked someone to name three things that they want, you can bet that one, if not both of these would be on the list. It’s pretty much what we did for SANESolution with application program interface optimization.

SANE is a program that people can use to help them lose weight and live healthier lives. The program assigns meals to users and then tracks their nutrition based on the meals they eat. In order to manage this, SANE relies on a custom web application to track and maintain these specially designed nutritional plans.

SANE had a custom Application Program Interface system built to link between its database and web services, but our team optimized the performance of that old system integration and adjusted the off-the-shelf authentication layer that was being used. The tweaks made to the API, resulted in not only a faster responding application, but one that costs less to maintain.

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