Ashley Flowers, Sales Executive | Inverse-Square Team
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Ashley Flowers

Meet Ashley

Luckily for Inverse-Square, Director of Sales Ashley Flowers finds silkworms to be terrible conversationalists. While working in genetic research, Ashley spent much of her day putting spider DNA into silkworms. But, as much as she loved science, Ashley missed working with people.


From spider-thread spinning silkworms to medical sales, the Hoosier native now finds herself selling Team Awesome software. Ashley loves meeting with clients; she finds learning about different industries and how custom software can aid them in their day-to-day operations fascinating.


When not meeting with clients, Ashley enjoys being outside as much as possible. “I spend a lot of time on nights and weekends taking my dog Charlie on walks or nature hikes through some of Indiana’s State parks. Last year I backpacked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and next on my bucket list in Banff National Park.”


With Ashley joining Inverse-Square, the office canine population has grown. “My dog Charlie also joined the Inverse-Square team. He has been joining me in the office and is adjusting to corporate life well.”


We have a feeling Charlie prefers clients over silkworms too!


To learn more about Ashley, check out her Employee Spotlight.

Ashley Flowers
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