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Under the Umbrella: Custom Software Solutions Blog

It’s no secret that everyone is mobile in today’s world. Whether we’re checking email, transferring money, updating social media, or browsing news, our mobile device has become the new medium for work and play. As a natural progression, you might be thinking about whether or not...

Software development projects are complex; there are many components that need to come together, such as specific requirements, design, and production. With so many stakeholders involved, it's imperative to have an effective liaison to ensure the development is tailor-made to fulfill your needs. This is where...

This is a story about Jim. Jim is planning on proposing to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. He has it all planned out, the flowers, the restaurant, the dessert, the precise moment, everything! This is a story about Jim's boss. Jim's boss doesn't care about Jim's engagement, or Valentine's Day. All he cares about is getting his financial reports completed before the board meeting the next morning. Too bad he didn't tell Jim this until 4:30 in the afternoon. Those reports take hours and hours to run. There goes Jim's romantic plans!

Since Inverse-Square was founded, we have worked hard to perfect our craft for the benefit of our clients. To ensure transparency, we communicate the progress of each project with weekly reports and updates. Based on our experience and the feedback we have received, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs)...

Late last year, the IRS issued final regulations providing rules for taxpayers who develop their own internal-use software and want to claim a research tax credit (research credit). These changes, initially proposed in 2015, were highly anticipated. But little is known about how to take full advantage of...

In most businesses, certain processes are repeatable - everyday it's the same tasks and the same check list being checked off. It may seem like you have the procedures down pat, but how can you be so sure? You've been doing the same for so long, how do you know if that same old way, is the best way? Not executing processes in the most efficient way means you could be losing out on valuable time; and you know what they say, "time is money". That's why it is well worth it to have someone else take a look at them for you. Review these five tips to see where you might be going wrong, and where you can go right:
Published by Chad Whaley, CEO of Echopath. Based in Indianapolis, Echopath is an IT services provider offering secure, customized, and reliable solutions.  Business leaders across nearly all industries see the changes daily: Digital processes are seeping into almost every corner of how they operate. As I wrote about recently, digital business transformation is one primary reason that growing numbers of CEOs now make IT a strategic priority. But if change is hard, transformation can seem downright daunting. Is your company doing enough to embrace digital business? Let’s take a brief look at what “digital business” means at a practical level, and what steps you can take to ensure you have a strategic approach.
Once a year America celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day, but at Inverse-Square, dogs in the office are business as usual. Since our early days, dogs have been part of Inverse-Square office life, with Hoagie the Lab and Ruby the German Shepherd accompanying Bob to work. Bob was such an early proponent of the 'take your dog to work' movement that he was featured in a USA Today article in 2013. "I've always been a dog lover, and to me they're an important part of my family. I don't have any desire to leave my buddy alone for 8-12 hours a day while I'm sitting in a comfortable office. A well behaved dog will always be welcomed in our office. They help you keep perspective on life. Sometimes that's too easy to lose in your work environment."
There's a saying we like to kick around the office, "always write code like the person maintaining it after you is a homicidal psychopath that knows where you live." Basically, it means write clean code. There are many reasons writing clean code is important, but Technical Debt is probably at the top of that list. While Technical Debt is a topic that is not widely known outside of the software development industry, it's one that can have far reaching effects. 
Imagine your business processes streamlined, no more paper forms, no more repetitive and mindless data entry. Imagine business processes where tracking and notifications occur automatically and free of errors. Now imagine how much time and resources that would save. We can make those savings a reality with Process Automation.
Do you remember the last time you got test results from your doctor? Do you remember exactly what they said?  Would you be able to dictate that information to another doctor if you had to? Whether during an emergency or a regular checkup,  DocStuff can take care of that for you. Offered by Eperture, DocStuff is "a revolutionary new concept for individuals to have all their medical tests and records with them anywhere in the world" by allowing users to store and share their personal health care data via a secure, mobile application. In case of an emergency, having access to accurate and up-to-date medical data can be imperative to saving a life.