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Under the Umbrella: Custom Software Solutions Blog

Normally when we think of think tanks we think N Y C or D C, not I N D Y, but Sagamore Institute changed all of that. Sagamore Institute is "a think tank based in the heartland’s values and geography." It's "a place that leaned into hard problems with sleeves rolled up alongside public and private leaders to dedicate to making the world a better place." Making the world a better place? Sign us up!
Signode is "the leading worldwide manufacturer and distributor of protective packaging systems." In simplistic terms, Signode takes a bunch of small things and turns them into one unit to make packing and shipping easier. They accomplish this in part with their custom equipment called a Unitizer. Since the Unitizer is custom equipment, it needed a custom solution to work in conjunction with it.
Today’s guest author is Miranda Lenar, Marketing Manager at L5 Solutions. As a small business, it can be tempting to think that your size protects you from data breaches or other cybercrime. “No one would hack me! Why would I be a target?” Unfortunately, this is not the case. Cybercrime is widespread and takes many forms.
In May, Team Awesome spent a Friday afternoon at Eagle Creek Park with team building extraordinaire Deseri Garcia of Vida Aventura. Deseri walked Team Awesome through a series of exercises aimed at finding out what it is that really makes Inverse-Square tick; what our values are, what drives us, and what we believe in. Each member of of the team chose five values; all of which were then combined into a large word cloud. From that word cloud of 45 values, five values stood out the most becoming Inverse-Square's Credo. For anyone that knows Team Awesome, the results aren't surprising.

When the Affordable Care Act was enacted, there were certain groups that were excluded from the legislation, one being America's Amish community who oppose insurance due to religious beliefs.
The tech community is booming in Indianapolis and that certainly goes for Indianapolis custom software companies as well; last year was another successful one for Inverse-Square!
Our ability to build custom software designed to replace Excel spreadsheets and Access databases is something that we pride ourselves on. Whether for non-profits or private companies, we firmly believe that a custom web application can manage business processes and functions in a way that spreadsheets and databases simply cannot. We recently tackled another one of these projects for local firm Genesis Engineering Group. While they acquired new custom software, we acquired Devin, a new member of Team Awesome!
Did you know that almost one in five businesses have suffered financial losses due to errors in their spreadsheets? That's right, almost one in five but companies continue to rely on spreadsheets because they are free. Spreadsheets seem free anyway; most computers come with some variation of them already installed, they're easy to download, view, copy, and edit, and they don't cost the company a dime. Why shouldn't your business use them? The answer is simple, because they aren't actually free.
Inverse-Square recently launched a new charity initiative. Each year, Team Awesome will cast a vote to pick a local cause to dedicate their time and resources to. Paws & Think is the charity chosen for 2016. Founded in 2001, they are "a non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the community by using the power of the human-animal bond."
For almost twenty years The National Center for College Costs (NCCC) has been helping students and parents prepare for college with various programs and services. Their goal is to "reach large volumes of students and parents on certain key college preparatory issues that otherwise might prevent students from attending and/or successfully transitioning to post-secondary education; and to create a culture of 'college for all' by raising the expectations and readiness of students, their parents and others who support them."
A common pitfall in custom software development is putting more focus on the 'end' of the project rather than on the application itself. In reality the end of an application build is only the beginning of the application's use; there are very few processes or applications that don't require support once they become essential to the business. Because of that, it's important to have a plan in place for support and enhancements before your developer even begins to build your custom web application. In this article, we'll take a look at what your custom software maintenance needs might encompass, and we will also explain why enhancements might already be required for a new application. And finally, we will lay out a few options that help cover both of these categories.