Bob Baird, Founder & President | Inverse-Square Team
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Bob Baird

Meet Bob

Bob is the Founder and President of Inverse-Square. As an avid runner, it is natural for him to see each client engagement as a true marathon. Each step requires a logical approach to successfully get to the finish line. Admittedly, Bob has the stamina to move quickly and effectively, which in turn persuaded him to take the challenge to change the technology industry by moving it from a slow, wasteful service model to a fast, sustainable service model.


Bob brings more than a decade of “in the trenches” software development. Working for mid-sized consulting firms to large pharmaceutical organizations, Bob has proved to be an effective, client-focused leader.


At Inverse-Square, Bob focuses on client relations, strategic partnerships, software development and organizational growth. In every engagement, his priority is the clients, and believes trust is the foundation to success. This belief has played a pivotal role in the success thus far at Inverse-Square.


Outside of work, Bob loves to spend time with his wife, children, and the dogs. He is very active as a swimmer, runner, and cyclist. He relies on coffee, and it has been a proven fact that he carries a metal jug of coffee wherever he goes.

Bob Baird
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