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Lunch & Learn: Achieve Success with Business Process Mapping

How to Use Business Process Mapping to Work More Effectively and Efficiently


February 21, 2019  |  11:30 – 1:00 p.m.
Location: Skyline Club, 1 American Square, 36th Floor, Indianapolis, IN 46282

Business process mapping defines what your organization does, who is responsible for what, and how a task should be completed. Over time, certain processes become so routine that you may not notice that the same old way, is no longer the best way. This is why precise business process mapping can help your business become more efficient and more effective.


If you’re considering investing in a new software solution for your organization, this workshop will prepare you for our next session: Build or Buy: Solving Business Problems with the Right Software.



At Inverse-Square, we are experts in helping organizations map their processes and building solutions to automate them.

Register now! There are only 10 spots available.

Join us for a Lunch & Learn to discover:

  • Discover how to develop an accurate map of your processes.
  • See how our team can identify where you can make improvements to increase efficiency.
  • Explore the benefits that custom software can bring to your processes to improve your workflow.


With more than seven years of experience developing custom applications for a variety of industries, Inverse-Square is a premier custom software development firm in Indianapolis. Our passion is to make our clients’ lives easier, their work more effective, and their operations more efficient through custom software solutions.

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