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Custom Software Project Spotlight: Canterbury Investment Management

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Custom Software Project Spotlight: Canterbury Investment Management

Canterbury Investment Management is an investment advisory firm specializing in Exchange-Traded Funds. Their mission is to “provide a strategy that produces the stability needed to achieve long-term risk-adjusted growth through compounded returns.”

As you can imagine, achieving a mission like that requires collecting, managing, and analyzing a mountain of data. They can do that quickly and efficiently with their custom software, the Canterbury Reporting Portal.

The Canterbury Reporting Portal (CRP) is an Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) data warehouse, indicator calculator, and report generator.

Designed by Patrick and built by Joe and Devin, the custom web application generates a daily report which gives Canterbury up-to-date insights into a select group of ETFs on the stock market. It also allows users to pull custom reports for any of the almost 2,000 ETFs available in the U.S. The reports demonstrate a set of technical indicators for each ETF, allowing Canterbury to more readily make decisions for mutual funds.

Early every morning, AmiBroker, an open-source technical analysis software, downloads Yahoo stock market data for all ETFs from the previous day’s trading activity. AmiBroker uses that data to calculate Canterbury’s proprietary indicators for each ETF. With the integration we built between AmiBroker and the CRP, those indicators are then stored in our database which is used for manual and scheduled reporting within the custom application. The most important of these reports is a daily report which shows the previous day’s indicators for a select group of ETFs sorted and grouped by performance and category. Within the application, users can download PDF and Excel versions of this report, any previous day’s report, and a report of an individual ETF’s data over time.

Before the CRP, these types of reports had to be generated manually using Excel macros and an Access database. When your business depends on reacting to and anticipating current stock market trends, relying on Excel and manual data entry is a costly endeavor. Now, having their own custom software not only allows Canterbury to retain ownership of their formulas and indicator data, but also to minimize transaction costs for their clients.

Is your business still relying on Excel and manual data entry to make crucial decisions? Contact Inverse-Square today and say goodbye to columns and rows and hello to instant insights!

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