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Custom Web App Development

You did it! You finally bit the bullet and contracted a custom software developer to build a custom application for your business. It has automated your workflow, increased process efficiency, and is saving you time and money. But now you see that if it just had an extra 'bell' here and a 'whistle' there, you could be saving even more. You decide to contact your developer, but he’s working on a big project and doesn’t have time. So you say, “that’s OK, I’ll just get the code and be on my way to another developer.”  But then he says, “no you won’t, because you don’t own the code." Hopefully, you’re reading this article before that happens to you.
In any business, time is money, with the upshot being that labor is money. Nearly every business has looked for ways to save money by reducing the amount of labor required to perform a task. Manufacturing companies have turned this into an art form through a variety of industrial engineering activities such as operations management, ergonomics, system simulations, and ongoing performance analysis of each step in the manufacture of a part. By reducing the time to perform each action, significant cost savings can be realized across an organization. This concept can also be applied to business operations, and the advancements in computing hardware and software have accelerated the adoption of process automation in the office, not just on the factory floor.
Is your business ready to automate its workflow processes? Are you wondering whether you should buy 'off the shelf' or develop your own custom software solution? At Inverse-Square, we specialize in workflow automation software, but we know that going custom isn't necessarily the right fit for everyone. This article is intended to help you consider a few of the pros and cons of engaging with a custom software development company before making your decision.

At Inverse-Square, we talk a lot about why a whole team of talent is required to make a successful application, as opposed to only one developer. In order to build versatile and well-rounded custom software, you need a versatile and well-rounded team. Part of that...

In the process of building a custom application, most people think about the design and build phase. In these phases, your team is filled with expectations for how it will perform, impact their workload, customer satisfaction and business objectives. ...

Since 2012, Inverse-Square has been working with Cook Medical to optimize their Event Tracker system, an online platform that links Cook Medical’s global enterprise from North America to Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

When figuring out whether it makes sense to buy or build (check out our infographic to help you with this decision), you might think that a big con to building might be the cost. Most people associate anything custom with being expensive....