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Custom Web App Development

<< Part 1   Once the client approves the application design, we schedule the build contract into our master project schedule. This is why accurate estimations are necessary to custom web application development. If we are not accurate, our master schedule won't be accurate. An inaccurate master schedule can result in major delays to deliverables, budget overruns, and missed deadlines. Unfortunately in the website software industry, these outcomes are all too common. Once we add a client’s project into our master schedule, it is our daily duty to adhere to that project schedule.
As stated in Part 1, Wireframes are helpful because they have the ability to balance details. They allow both the custom software developer and the client to share the same vision on what an application needs to do, without being distracted by how it looks. It's far easier to modify the appearance of a custom web application than it is to change what it does after the fact. In Part 2, we will explore the process behind our wireframing.

Part 2 >>

When putting together a custom software development plan, we follow a strict set of guidelines to ensure that our time estimations for each task in the project are as accurate as possible. Accurate time estimations effect and influence our forecasting, scheduling, and budgeting for our clients. This is a crucial activity and without a doubt, one of the most challenging in our industry. We gain accuracy through iterations; we start at a high-level and continue to refine with a focus on the most challenging aspects.
Accurate task forecasting and scheduling is paramount to the success of custom software development at Inverse-Square. In the custom web application industry it can be difficult to find a solid schedule in place because, in the world of custom software development, no schedule can be iron-clad. But at Inverse-Square we have a robust and systematic approach that our clients can understand and appreciate.
In the construction industry, blueprints are not even a topic for discussion. You don’t build anything without a set of blueprints, end of the story. But when it comes to custom software development, some people tend to build applications on the fly with little or no planning at all; often because a client doesn't see the need for this step in the process, or because a custom software developer feels they already understand what needs to be done. It’s like saying, “let’s build a house without a plan; I’m sure it will be exactly what we want.” At Inverse-Square, we don't do that. In the custom software industry, our 'blueprints' are actually called 'wireframes,' and essentially, they offer similar benefits to the traditional blueprints you may already be familiar with.
Archimedes... Newton... Einstein... and now... Wiehoff! Inverse-Square's very own Nathan Wiehoff, has discovered a Prime number! Since that's something you don't hear about everyday, we just had to ask, "how does one go about finding a new prime number?"
Have you ever rented or bought a house? Chances are you have, and you know that it's a time consuming and daunting practice. Now imagine if you worked for a property firm and comparing homes to rent and buy was your bread and butter. RENU Management is in the buying and renting property game, and knows all too well how much work is involved, but thanks to the amazing skill of Lead Solutions Engineer, Joe Diekhoff, and his team, comparing properties just got a whole lot easier!
Doing business in a world of high volume employment or high employee turnover where every employee requires some level of background screening, can mean time consuming and monotonous work. But thanks to process automation, it doesn't have to.
For any relationship to succeed, honest conversations are vital. The same goes for a relationship between a custom software developer and their client. At Inverse-Square, we know that if we tackle three conversations with our clients before beginning development, the process will be smoother for everyone involved. And even though those conversations can be difficult, they can be the key to the success of a custom software development project.