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Custom Web App Development

We all know Disney Land is the happiest place on Earth, and who hasn't heard that joyful cry of, "I'm going to Disney World"! But, here's something we never hear; "I'm going to sit behind a computer and repeatedly enter twelve digit codes until my eyes are blurry!" And for good reason too, who would want to do that? Unfortunately, that's something that the folks at Music Travel Consultants knew about all too well.
You've signed your contract with the web application development company, and the developer is actively building your project. Even though you’ve completed the wireframe design process, your input will still be needed, most likely in the form of feedback on changes. However, if your project has kicked off and you haven’t heard from your developer team, you should be worried. This can be an indication that things might not be going according to plan. Stay on guard and work to keep the developer on task and on schedule. Here are some other things that you should expect during the build phase of your application:
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Once you and the software developer have decided that a custom application is the best course of action for your business, the software firm will provide you with a budget and demonstrate what they are going to build for you.

The Initial Budget

At this early stage in the process, you should not expect a specific budget, rather a wide range budget. From this wide range, the software firm would like you to understand what you think the range should be and the level of commitment you have to fix the problem. Once the initial budget is established, the developer can get more extensive with the design and hone in on more accurate pricing.

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If you’re considering new software for your business, how do you determine what type is right for you? Should you have custom software developed, should you buy pre-packed software, or possibly stick with what you're doing? The following three steps will guide you towards a successful decision.
A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information (Wikipedia). Now that’s a definition of utopia for your business! However many businesses do not take the steps necessary to establish the workflow practices that will optimize their profits. How about you and your business? Here are some high level thoughts to get you focused on the right strategy.
In 2013, an error on a J.P. Morgan Chase Excel spreadsheet, led to a $6 Billion portfolio loss and $600 Million in fines for the bank. A devastating and expensive outcome for something as simple as a spreadsheet error. Does your business rely on spreadsheets? Like most today, it probably does. And like JP Morgan Chase, your spreadsheets could contain errors without you even realizing it. Studies have shown that 88% of all spreadsheets have errors in them.
Spreadsheets have been your tried and trusted business tool for decades now, but whether you realize it or not, they have their challenges. The reason, spreadsheets don't know when you have entered inaccurate data, and as a result, you may not know it either. Here are five reasons why it might be time for your business to replace spreadsheets with a custom reporting tool.
work•flow - noun - A workflow consists of an orchestrated and repeatable pattern of business activity enabled by the systematic organization of resources into processes that transform materials, provide services, or process information. Now that’s a definition of utopia for your business! And quite honestly, most businesses don't take the necessary steps to establish these software workflow practices that will optimize their profits.
Entering the Inverse-Square work domain, one might immediately hear music resonating throughout the office or notice several individuals with headphones on. At one time, many Indianapolis software companies restricted the use of personal audio devices during work hours, however, it was soon realized that music may promote working through tasks and even positively affect the productivity of employees. Inverse-Square embraces and encourages their employees to utilize personal audio devices. In our office,  it has been concluded that music is as important as coffee, and if you ask the Inverse-Square team whether music benefits their daily workflow and productivity, the answer would most certainly be "yes".
As I sit here writing this, my broken leg elevated in an uncomfortable recliner, I can’t help but think about unforeseen challenges when it comes to software development. The inconveniences and set-backs of a broken bone can be related to the tribulations of an engagement. As our Senior Application Architect, Jesse Bacon describes, “It is inevitable that an intricate application is bound to have unforeseen challenges. It is ultimately how we prepare to meet these challenges and not necessarily how we react to them.
One of the greatest things about working in Indianapolis is the endless opportunities to network and to continue to grow as a professional. No matter what industry or profession you are in, it is almost guaranteed that you can find a group to call home. These groups’ activities range from having well-known speakers discuss current trends, to simply having a group of like-minded individuals you can reach out to when you need a second opinion. As a software development company in Indianapolis, we at Inverse-Square work with a lot of companies in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry in Indianapolis is booming and as a professional in it, it's more important than ever to continue to grow your skill set and network with experts in the field. Is professional development a resolution or goal for you? If so, check out these three groups that can connect you to the right people in the manufacturing industry.