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Customer Highlights

When stage and cinema artists need to train in the art of stage combat, they turn to the Society of Fight Directors, "an organization of dedicated artists whose purpose is to promote safety and foster excellence in the art of performing, teaching, and directing staged combat/theatrical violence." And when the Society of American Fight Directors needs a custom web application to manage their members' information, they turn to Inverse-Square.
With over over 10,000 volunteers, Special Olympics Indiana (SOI) have their hands full managing and coordinating all of their volunteer's data between different counties and varied processes. Inverse-Square is honored to have been chosen by SOI to help them find an easier way to do so with a new online database system customized to meet their needs.
Doing business in a world of high volume employment or high employee turnover where every employee requires some level of background screening, can mean time consuming and monotonous work. But thanks to process automation, it doesn't have to.
We all know Disney Land is the happiest place on Earth, and who hasn't heard that joyful cry of, "I'm going to Disney World"! But, here's something we never hear; "I'm going to sit behind a computer and repeatedly enter twelve digit codes until my eyes are blurry!" And for good reason too, who would want to do that? Unfortunately, that's something that the folks at Music Travel Consultants knew about all too well.
They certainly can print anything you need, but it’s Fineline Printing Group's consultative & customer-focused approach that sets them apart. As their motto states, “we won’t ask for your business until we can improve it”, and it’s been the philosophy of founder Richard Miller and Fineline since the company’s inception in 1981.