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Why You Should Replace Your Database

When engaging with a software development company, it's essential to keep in mind that having custom software developed is not a one-time thing. Like a car or a home, a custom web application needs maintenance and the occasional upgrade; that's true whether we are building software for non-profits, big business, or even Jolly Old Saint Nick. That's right, Jolly Old Saint Nick! Santa Claus's Access database had crashed under the weight of the ever-increasing data loads of the naughty and nice lists, and he needed a custom application to maximize operational efficiency at Santa's Workshop.
Inverse-Square has been privileged to work with a host of amazing clients, big and small, public and private, on many custom software projects. From an Online Auction Platform to Volunteer Management Software and an innovative Property Management System, we've built it all. Each project we've worked on has been exciting and with its own unique set of challenges, but as much as we don't like to play favorites, none can compare to the work we did for Santa's Workshop!
One cold winter night in the North Pole, during the height of the pre-Christmas season, Santa's workshop was bustling. The toy elves were working away as Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer, and their reindeer friends were training for the big run, and Santa set about to review the annual Naughty & Nice Report. He sat down to his computer, switched it on, and waited for the latest version to load. Santa Claus waited, and waited, and waited some more, then nothing. Until — horror of horrors — his screen went black. Santa's database had crashed!
This is a story about Jim. Jim is planning on proposing to his girlfriend on Valentine's Day. He has it all planned out, the flowers, the restaurant, the dessert, the precise moment, everything. This is a story about Jim's boss. Jim's boss doesn't care about Jim's engagement, or Valentine's Day. All he cares about is getting his financial reports completed before the board meeting the next morning. Too bad he didn't tell Jim this until 4:30 in the afternoon. Those reports take hours and hours to run. There goes Jim's romantic plans!
You know that phrase, new year, new you? Well, what about, new year, better business? Haven't heard that one have you?  We can help you make that happen. If you really want your business to grow, first off, you need to ask yourself, "will our processes support the growth?" Because as much as growth is the goal of any business, expansion and success can lead to operational challenges that can in turn hinder that growth.  Next, we suggest you review these five steps to help you increase productivity:
Did you know that almost one in five businesses have suffered financial losses due to errors in their spreadsheets? That's right, almost one in five but companies continue to rely on spreadsheets because they are free. Spreadsheets seem free anyway; most computers come with some variation of them already installed, they're easy to download, view, copy, and edit, and they don't cost the company a dime. Why shouldn't your business use them? The answer is simple, because they aren't actually free.
Have you ever rented or bought a house? Chances are you have, and you know that it's a time consuming and daunting practice. Now imagine if you worked for a property firm and comparing homes to rent and buy was your bread and butter. RENU Management is in the buying and renting property game, and knows all too well how much work is involved, but thanks to the amazing skill of Lead Solutions Engineer, Joe Diekhoff, and his team, comparing properties just got a whole lot easier!