Ciara Rutan, Project Manager | Inverse-Square Team
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Ciara Rutan

Meet Ciara

Small town girl Ciara packs a punch both in and out of the office.


While in the office, Ciara works diligently to keep our project plans on track, but out of the office Ciara can be found hard at work striking her way to the next level of Muay Thai martial arts.


Project Manager Ciara was raised in Shelbyville, Indiana and began her career in Indianapolis. “I heard about Inverse-Square from a former coworker. They mentioned that Inverse-Square was looking for a Project Manager and I would be a great match!”


Ciara usually begins her day brewing coffee and reviewing emails before checking with the Development team to ensure project goals are being met and then communicating updates to clients. “The great thing about my job is that no two days are the same! I love the flexible work environment. It allows for a proper work life balance.


Part of that balance includes the time Ciara spends in Agility training competitions with her dog Pepper. Pepper the Sheltie has become one of Inverse-Square’s office dogs and can often be found in the lap of a Developer encouraging them as they code. So when Ciara joined Team Awesome, Inverse-Square got two new team members for the price of one!

Ciara Rutan
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