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Project Spotlight: Fineline Printing Group

Printing Press Photo

Project Spotlight: Fineline Printing Group

They certainly can print anything you need, but it’s Fineline Printing Group’s consultative & customer-focused approach that sets them apart. As their motto states, “we won’t ask for your business until we can improve it”, and it’s been the philosophy of founder Richard Miller and Fineline since the company’s inception in 1981.

As Fineline has learned over the years, growth can present operational challenges that need to be overcome. It was two of these challenges that led Fineline to engage Inverse-Square for their expertise in custom web application development.

Inverse-Square, with the help of Sr. Application Architect, Jesse Bacon, was able to automate Fineline’s complex invoicing needs by integrating their two independent legacy applications. Jesse’s ability to work on-site with their technical staff streamlined the development of automating their invoicing workflows, integrating tax logic discrepancies and provide Fineline with automated notification and reporting for received shipments.

This work has improved the consistency of Fineline’s reporting, improved workflows, decreased the number of operational man hours required to serve their clients.

We are excited to be working with Fineline and would love the opportunity to improve your business too.  Give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you!

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