Project Spotlight: Signode - Inverse-Square
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Project Spotlight: Signode

Project Spotlight: Signode

Signode is “the leading worldwide manufacturer and distributor of protective packaging systems.” In simplistic terms, Signode takes a bunch of small things and turns them into one unit in order to make packing and shipping easier. They accomplish this in part with their own custom equipment called a Unitizer. Since the Unitizer is custom equipment, it needed a custom solution to work in conjunction with it.

Working out of the Indianapolis Public Library, the original Inverse-Square two-man team of Bob and Joe took on the assignment. In order to see the Unitizer in action, Bob traveled to Texas (where he ate a taco so delicious, that four years later he’s still going on about it) and Joe went to Ohio to work hands on with Signode engineers at their manufacturing plants.

After observing how the Unitizer worked, Bob and Joe were able to build a custom web application to audit its efficiency, manage maintenance, and monitor users. They built it so well, Signode took a patent out on it!

With the proactive monitoring of the custom software in place, Signode experienced less downtime, and reduced over and under run problems.

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