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An ERP for the Easter Bunny

Easter Eggs Tree

An ERP for the Easter Bunny

Do you know what ERP is? Don’t worry if you don’t, the Easter Bunny didn’t either.

ERP is short for Enterprise Resource Planning, business management software comprised of integrated applications. With ERP, you can collect, manage, and interpret data across your entire business. It’s a handy application and the Easter Bunny needed it!

You’re probably wondering what the Easter Bunny would need with custom software, but think about; he has a lot of different facets to manage at EBHQ (that’s Easter Bunny Headquarters to you and me), there’s the collecting of eggs, the boiling, the decorating, and the allocation into all of the different baskets. There’s the chocolate, all of the jelly beans, and Peeps too. That’s a lot of inventory to manage and quality to control. And let’s not forget about the management of all of the other bunnies that work there as well.

EBHQ was utilizing software already, but it was many different applications being used for different things — databases to manage inventory and the supplier network, logistic software that coordinated all of the basket deliveries, and a payroll and HR system that kept track of the bunnies clocking in and out.

With all of those different systems and databases being used, it was only natural that mistakes were being made. Manually entering data into one, to only duplicate it into another was slow, ineffective, and inefficient.

The Easter Bunny had a decision to make, he could either hire ten more bunnies to assist with data entry, or he could invest in custom software development, and redirect those ten bunnies to the production of higher quality Easter baskets. It was a no bunny brainer!

Not sure where he’d even begin to find a software development company, the Easter Bunny recalled a recent happy hour at the Holiday Club. Santa Claus was there, had had one too many Egg Nogs and was going on and on, bragging about how awesome his new custom web application was, and with it, how Christmas would continue to reign supreme as the number one holiday. For the good of EBHQ, and chocolate loving children everywhere, the Easter Bunny swallowed his rabbit pride and dialed the North Pole.

A couple of days later custom software developement company Inverse-Square was on the case and Team Awesome was traveling down a rabbit hole and into EBHQ. They expertly integrated the inventory and supplier databases, logistics software, and the payroll and HR system; developing custom EBRP; Easter Bunny Resource Planning.

Thanks to Team Awesome, the entire process of Easter basket production is streamlined and error free!

Is your organization struggling with inefficiency due to too many software systems and databases?  Do you need to replace Excel and increase process efficiency with custom business software tailored to your unique needs?  Not sure where to start? Start here!

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