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Choosing a Host for Your Custom Web Application

custom web application

Choosing a Host for Your Custom Web Application

Once we have developed a custom web application for an organization, that app has to be hosted somewhere. We work with our clients to help them choose a host that best suits their needs; it can be their own infrastructure, a third party, or our own go-to standard host MS Azure Platform

4 Reasons We Use Azure

Azure Eliminates Managed Services from the Server

With Azure there’s no need to worry about Windows updates, firewall rules, or anti-virus software because Microsoft takes care of that! This means that you don’t have to contract a cloud service provider to do it for you, saving you valuable time and money. 

Azure Provides Only the Services You Need

Using Azure to host your custom web application means that you don’t need to own and manage a server and you only pay for exactly what you require. If you need to store a database, Azure hosts it and you’re only paying for the hosting of that database. You only get what you need, and pay for what you get, leaving you with less to worry about!

With Azure We Can Scale on Demand

In addition to being able to choose how much horse power we have out of the gates, we can easily and automatically add additional machines to help when a system gets stressed. Dynamically adding and removing machines on an as needed basis allows us to lower the cost of hosting and still meet performance requirements for the application.


A perfect example of this is the work we’ve done with SC Online Sales.  Each day begins with their platform running on a single machine, then each afternoon starting around five o’clock, web traffic begins to increase. The traffic eventually hits a peak between nine and ten o’clock in the evening, and we might end up running as many as six or eight machines to support the increased web traffic. But those extra machines don’t need to run all day, they only run when they’re required. 

Azure Reduces Expenses

Compared to the costs of running your own servers, using Azure for hosting reduces your expenses significantly. Take again the the above example of SC Online Sales. If they chose to host their platform in-house on their own servers, they would need to have as many as six in order to accommodate traffic that only occurs for an hour each night. Azure’s flexibility allows them to scale up as required. Six servers running when they don’t need to be isn’t good for the environment, and it’s not good for your electric bill.

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