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Custom Web Application Efficiently Manages and Analyzes Data

custom web application

Custom Web Application Efficiently Manages and Analyzes Data

Since 2003, the Indiana Immunization Coalition (IIC), “has served as an advocate for Indiana families, health care providers, and local & state health departments striving to increase vaccination rates in Indiana. Through education, advocacy, and collaboration with public and private groups, IIC is on the front lines of reducing vaccine-preventable diseases in Indiana.”

Working with the team at IIC, Inverse-Square built the HPV MOC online platform, a custom web application that provides IIC with an efficient method to manage and analyze data and an easier way to report results to the Indiana Department of Health.

We interviewed IIC Program Manager Lori Lovett about how their custom web application benefits their organization and provides value to its users.

What prompted IIC to look for a custom solution?
We had a unique project that no existing platform could manage.

Why did IIC choose Inverse-Square?
After interviewing several tech companies, we felt a connection with the staff at Inverse Square, and we knew we could trust them with our project. We also felt confident that they would work with us to make sure that the needs of our project could be incorporated into a solution that was useful for us.

What is the most significant difference the online platform makes to your organization?
It greatly reduces the amount of time that staff spends managing the project. With all of the project activities in an online custom format, the project almost manages itself.

How would you briefly describe your online platform to someone?
It is an online educational program that is six months in length. Physicians from around the country log in and enter data related to their vaccination practices. We monitor their progress and award credit for their participation.

What is the single most significant benefit your online platform provides?
It definitely allows staff to spend more time on other work duties. This project took much more management and staff time before it was an online platform. Also, Inverse Square has been attentive and successful at making updates or revisions to the online platform upon our request.

For more information about Indiana Immunization Coalition’s effort to halt the spread of vaccine-related diseases, visit

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