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Project Spotlight: Sagamore Institute

Indiana Compassion Map

Project Spotlight: Sagamore Institute

Normally when we think of think tanks we think N Y C or D C, not I N D Y, but Sagamore Institute changed all of that.

Sagamore Institute is “a think tank based in the heartland’s values and geography.” It’s “a place that leaned into hard problems with sleeves rolled up alongside public and private leaders to dedicate to making the world a better place.”

Making the world a better place? Sign us up!

Since 2014, Inverse-Square has been working with Sagamore Institute on various projects; the most recent being the Indiana Compassion Map. The Indiana Compassion Map highlights Non-Profit Organizations (NPOs) across the state of Indiana. The one-page publicly facing custom web application gives individuals in need of NPO services such as food pantries, crisis centers, and job training, the ability to find the specific NPO within their area that offer those services.

Besides helping people discover local NPOs, the Indiana Compassion Map also allows government administrators and researchers to study the presence of NPO services within a certain municipality and to see how grant funding is allocated across the state. The custom software shows the amount of funding in a given location, the number of NPOs headquartered in that location, and the number of NPOs that are headquartered elsewhere but that provide services to that location. For each NPO, the software system can also show the NPO’s contact information, service details, and funding records.

If you’d to see the Indiana Compassion Map in action click here, if you’d like to learn more about it click here, and if you’d like to discover how custom software development can help your organization achieve its objectives, contact us today

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