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Daily Operations, Part 4: Weekly Client Communication & Reporting

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Daily Operations, Part 4: Weekly Client Communication & Reporting

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At Inverse-Square, we consider the most critical piece of our operations to be effectively communicating with our clients. We like to be certain that there are no surprises in their project schedule. All of the daily operational tasks mentioned in the previous posts come down to effectively communicating the good, the bad, and the potentially ugly in custom software development. This information is given in two documents for every client of ours; the Task Summary Report, and the Project Summary Report.

The Task Summary Report

The Task Summary Report is delivered to each client every Monday. This report shows the scheduled tasks for the upcoming week, the tasks that were scheduled for the prior week, and any tasks that were not completed from the previous week.

The Project Summary Report

The Project Summary Report is a more in-depth document that covers key project metrics and like the Task Summary Report, is also delivered to each client on Mondays. In addition to a full snapshot of the current state of the clients’ custom web application development project, it also provides a development log chart that represents project hours available, logged, and remaining. A project completion graph shows where the project is currently (percentage completed // not completed)

At Inverse-Square, we believe that close communication and a deep understanding of someone’s needs is paramount to successful software development. Bloated Excel sheets? Single user MS Access databases? We can take all of that to the Cloud, giving you defined processes, and peace of mind with a custom web application tailored to fit your business’s unique needs.

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