Daniel Wegrzen - Inverse-Square
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Daniel Wegrzen

Meet Daniel

Texas native Daniel joined Inverse-Square in 2016 and quickly became an integral part of Team Awesome.


Originally from El Paso, Daniel studied chemical engineering at the University of Texas and called Austin home for fifteen years, where he began his career as a Process Engineer.


But after nine years and a move to Indianapolis, Daniel made the decision to switch to software development.


I’ve always been drawn towards computers but never really gave it a fair chance as a career choice. While working as a process engineer, I would often find myself really enjoying any parts of my job that involved very simple implementations of scripting/coding, so it just made a lot more sense as something that I would find interesting and be more passionate about.


Being brand new to the software development scene, my motivation is to learn as much as possible while trying to avoid developing bad habits. I have a lot of catching up to do but I’m looking forward to all the new challenges ahead.”


When not in the office Daniel enjoys spending time with his wife, online gaming, and working out. In the office he enjoys the environment, “my favorite part about Inverse-Square is the work environment. There is a great balance of work focus, team appreciation, and support from everyone.”


To learn more about Daniel, check out his Employee Spotlight!

Application Developer
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