Make Your Data Work for You with a Data Assessment - Inverse-Square
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Make Your Data Work for You with a Data Assessment

Today’s businesses run on data. You make important decisions based on your data and ensuring it’s accurate and up-to-date is essential to remain on the cutting edge of any industry.


But, how do you know that you’re getting the most out of your data?


If you’re a small business, you can’t necessarily afford a large-scale software solution, but chances are, you’re probably spending too much time on spreadsheets and manual reporting when that time and effort could be spent elsewhere.


If you’re using out-of-the-box software, the reports generated probably aren’t giving you everything you need.



Bottom line – you can’t be competitive if you’re making decisions based on outdated or incorrect data. You need a Data Assessment to get a full picture.

Don’t let bad data hold you back from success; it’s time to get the most out of your data and gain a strategic advantage. Sign up for your Data Assessment today!

A Data Assessment can not only determine what data might be missing, or even incorrect but also show you how to make your data work for you.


With a Data Assessment from Inverse-Square, our Business Analysts will:

  • Examine your software systems to see what data they are holding and producing
  • Determine how your systems tie together
  • Review the reports that are being produced and their validity


After defining and clarifying your objectives and performing an analysis, our Business Analysts will present their findings and recommendations, and provide you with a blueprint and a quote for a customized reporting solution – no strings attached.


Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a pre-packaged reporting solution that  slows you down.  The $1999 Data Assessment will show you how to make your data work for you. Sign up today and outpace your competition.