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Why We Love Office Dogs and You Should Too

Why We Love Office Dogs and You Should Too

Once a year America celebrates Take Your Dog to Work Day, but at Inverse-Square, dogs in the office are business as usual.

Since our early days, dogs have been part of Inverse-Square office life, with Hoagie the Lab and Ruby the German Shepherd accompanying Bob to work. Bob was such an early proponent of the ‘take your dog to work’ movement that he was featured in a USA Today article in 2013.

I’ve always been a dog lover, and to me they’re an important part of my family. I don’t have any desire to leave my buddy alone for 8-12 hours a day while I’m sitting in a comfortable office. A well behaved dog will always be welcomed in our office. They help you keep perspective on life. Sometimes that’s too easy to lose in your work environment.

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As Team Awesome has grown, so has Team K9. Any given day at Inverse-Square will find CharlieMaxime, Jackson, Pepper, or Georgie hanging around the office, sitting in the laps of developers, or napping under a desk. 

I love bringing Pepper to the office,” says Project Manager Ciara. “She is a definite stress reliever to me and the developers. When we are having a rough day, it’s great to be able to pick up the ball and play with Pepper.

When there’s a day that feels stressful, rubbing a puppy belly or grabbing some fresh air while taking a dog for a  walk is the perfect way to decompress and give your brain a breather.

Studies have shown that dogs in the workplace reduce stress, encourage longer working hours, and increase camaraderie.  

Not only do our office dogs contribute to the well being of the team, but our dog friendly policy contributes to our growth as well; it’s one of the reasons Sales Executive Ashley came to work at Inverse-Square. “I specifically sought out employment at Inverse-Square because of the bring your dog to work policy. Charlie is my best bud and I’m always happier and calmer when he is around so if I can bring that energy into work that makes life so much better!”

Are you interested in working in an awesome, dog friendly office? Find out if you have what it takes to be a part of Team Awesome!

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