Employee Spotlight: Daniel Wegrzen - Inverse-Square
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Employee Spotlight: Daniel Wegrzen

Application Developer

Employee Spotlight: Daniel Wegrzen

Since 2016, Texas native Daniel has been writing top-of-the-line code for ongoing support and enhancement projects and developing new applications for Inverse-Square clients.

But code was not always the plan for Daniel. “Originally, I thought I was going to go into medicine. I was always into computers and even started coding on my own when I was in middle school. All the indicators were there, and I wish I would have taken them, I just didn’t take the plunge until two years ago.

Taking that plunge led Daniel to a local coding boot camp, The Iron Yard, and then onto Inverse-Square where he worked on his final project. After finishing coding academy, Daniel joined Team Awesome where he continues to grow his talent and enhance his skills.

At work, Daniel enjoys “that sense of accomplishment and reward from creating products that our clients use to conduct important parts of their own businesses. My goal is to continue my career growth in software development, keeping up by learning new technologies while making sure to maintain a high level of interest my work. I’d like to have a better handle on client needs in order to have a larger impact on their business success.

Outside of the office, Daniel spends his time on the three C’s: cars, coffee, and computer games, but at work, he loves another two, culture and camaraderie. “The culture and camaraderie are a great fit for me. The people make all the difference here and I’m lucky to be a part of it.”

We’re lucky he’s part of it too.

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