Employee Spotlight: Nathan Wiehoff - Inverse-Square
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Employee Spotlight: Nathan Wiehoff

Nathan Wiehoff

Employee Spotlight: Nathan Wiehoff

Archimedes… Newton… Einstein… and now… Wiehoff!

Inverse-Square’s very own Nathan Wiehoff, has discovered a Prime number! Since that’s something you don’t hear about everyday, we just had to ask, “how does one go about finding a new prime number?

According to Application Developer, Nathan, prime number hunting is “a combination of skill and random fortune“. One of Nathan’s many hobbies is scientific computing, and you can often find him spending time on an open source software tool called, BOINC. BOINC led Nathan to the PrimeGrid Project.

PrimeGrid’s goal is to find the largest prime numbers in hopes of setting new records. When a significant prime is found, the discoverer is credited and it becomes ‘their number’. This appealed to Nathan and he set off to find his own prime number. The challenge was in setting up and maintaining the infrastructure that performs the calculations needed for the prime number hunt. Using his skills as a Developer, Nathan came up with strategies to efficiently, and reliably, keep those jobs running, and months later all of that dedication paid off when he discovered 8507*2^1325235+1! (If you’d like to see Nathan’s number in it’s entirety, click here.)

When Nathan isn’t prime number hunting, he enjoys online gaming, designing video games, drawing his own version of My Little Ponies (TEAM AWESOME PONIES COMING SOON!), and unwinding with Sci-Fi classics like Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Stargate SG-1.

At Inverse-Square, Nathan enjoys the close knit and supportive team, “I feel like everyone cares about everyone else, and I would consider everyone I work with to be a friend. Think less Dilbert, more Star Trek: The Next Generation.

If you’d like to get to know Nathan more and work with Indy’s answer to Star Trek: The Next Generation, click that button below and see if you have what it takes!

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