Project Spotlight: Genesis Engineering Group - Inverse-Square
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Project Spotlight: Genesis Engineering Group

Project Spotlight: Genesis Engineering Group

Our ability to build custom software designed to replace Excel spreadsheets and Access databases is something that we pride ourselves on. Whether for non-profits or private companies, we firmly believe that a custom web application can manage business processes and functions in a way that spreadsheets and databases simply cannot.

We recently tackled another one of these projects for local firm Genesis Engineering Group. While they acquired new custom software, we acquired Devin, a new member of Team Awesome!

Genesisportfolio.jpgAs part of the Indianapolis software companies community, we like to encourage and foster young custom software developers by working alongside the Eleven Fifty Code Academy. The Eleven Fifty Code Academy trains people to code by working on real web application development projects with an aim to place the trainees with the Indianapolis software company whose project they assisted with. Devin Chappell was training at the academy and we thought he would be a great fit for Team Awesome and the right person to build a project management tool for Genesis Engineering Group.

Genesis Engineering Group had been using Excel spreadsheets to manage their project planning but as the firm grew and project scopes increased, relying on spreadsheets was becoming more and more challenging. Like many other companies, Genesis Engineering Group searched the market for an off-the-shelf solution to fit their needs but were unable to find one that met their requirements. The engineers at Genesis needed to be able to see both a micro and macro scale for the full scope of their projects and Devin built them a project management application that would do just that!

After only two weeks of seeing the talented work Devin was accomplishing, Inverse-Square President Bob Baird offered him a chance to join Team Awesome. Devin came on board, finalized the custom application, and deployed it to production.

Now Genesis Engineering Group has a web based project management tool that allows them to see the total scope of past, current, and upcoming projects, and comes with a functionality where they can easily calculate budgets, adjust dates, and change project phases as need be. By going custom, Genesis Engineering has an application built specifically for their requirements and Inverse-Square has Devin, it’s a win- win!

Is your business struggling to manage projects and planning with spreadsheets? Contact us today and discover how a custom software solution tailored to your unique needs can save your business valuable time and resources!

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