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Project Spotlight: IHTC HIMS

custom healthcare software

Project Spotlight: IHTC HIMS

When the Affordable Care Act was enacted, there were certain groups that were excluded from the legislation, one being America’s Amish community who oppose insurance due to religious beliefs.

While healthcare practices can differ among each group, the Amish pay for healthcare with cash funded by their church and community. Because they pay with cash, they are able to negotiate discounts with hospitals, making quick cash payments in exchange for lower rates.

You might be wondering what any of this has to do with custom software development, but try to imagine handling multiple payment negotiations while keeping track of all of the payments made with only spreadsheets or pen and paper for an entire community. A custom web application acting like a micro insurance clearing house was the only way to go. Enter HIMS, the Healthcare Information Management System, a database that manages payment agreements and tracks payments made.

The IHTC commissioned HIMS to help track the data of Amish patients that are undergoing treatment with them and the payments made and due. We’ve worked with IHTC in the past building the Indiana Hemophilia Surveillance Project (IHSP) that is currently used by the state of Indiana to track the treatment and treatment results of patients with Hemophilia. Like the IHSP, HIMS configures, collects, manages and aggregates data, this time in a slightly more specialized manner.

Before HIMS was developed, the IHTC would attempt to collect the payment information and gain insights into the data collected using only paper forms; a challenging task to say the least. Now with the custom healthcare software, HIMS can capture all of that information with ease.

With the new custom software system in place, the IHTC can use HIMS to provide data tracking, access and analysis, and aggregate data that can be used for essential reporting back to the Amish community. The community can then utilize the data to identify areas of patient need that are not being met and allows for better economy planning.

Building this custom healthcare software affords benefits that pre-packaged software never could have matched; it’s powerful, flexible and comprehensive, and it has the ability to leverage reporting tools that are already utilized by the IHTC saving valuable time and resources.

Is your business or organization still managing its data with paper forms and spreadsheets? Contact Inverse-Square today and discover if a custom software solution can help you unlock the power of your data!

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