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Indiana IT Symposium: What to Expect, How to Benefit

Indiana IT Symposium

Indiana IT Symposium: What to Expect, How to Benefit

We’re on countdown mode for the Indiana IT Symposium, happening on September 12 at the Indiana Convention Center. Having attended the all-day event in the past, I’m often asked what to expect and, more importantly, how to get the most from the symposium.

Below is my list of can’t-miss sessions and offerings I believe will benefit fellow IT pros.

But first, let’s start with the “brochure” highlights — key features event organizers want you to know:

  • CxO Executive Panel: Top tech leaders discuss what’s in their minds, industry predictions and local initiatives.
  • Peer-Driven Breakouts: Exchange best practices and insights from real-world experiences.
  • Networking: Plant the seeds for opportunities by growing the size and value of your professional network.

Keynote speakers include Doug Keeley (CEO & Chief Storyteller, The Mark of a Leader), Bob Stutz (CEO Marketing Cloud and Chief Analytics Officer, Salesforce), and Dr. Natalie Stavas (Physician, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia).

While the agenda is full of enticing sessions, we have our favorites:


We’re big on communications and relationship-building at Inverse-Square. Sadly, this isn’t a strength of the IT industry: IT departments often feel (or are perceived as) disconnected from the rest of the organization.

For that reason, I highly recommend “Understanding Communication Styles to Connect With Your Team and Peers On a New Level.” The session, led by Kimberlee Seale (President Elect of SIM Indianapolis), will use DiSC to help you relate, connect and influence others more effectively.

Fireside Chat: Salesforce Initiatives in the Indianapolis Market will also make you a more valuable IT pro in the local market. Salesforce is a huge player in Indy, and it’s important to keep a pulse on what they’re doing, and what’s ahead.


Networking doesn’t come naturally to some of us, but it’s a great gateway into more/bigger professional opportunities, just by meeting more people.

Resist the urge to sit with coworkers and stick to acquaintances throughout the event. Mingle! You’ll be just a handshake away from the Who’s-Who in Indy IT: Take advantage of it.

Not sure what to talk about? Ask questions. Then listen. Then ask more questions and listen some more. As it happens, the best conversationalists (and persuaders) are also the best listeners.

(Here’s a list of 2017 attendees, so you know who to expect.)

Hitting the Exhibit Hall

In addition to all the goodies and giveaways, the Exhibit Hall is a great place to check new companies and services entering the market, spark ideas for your own products/services/career, and find strategic partners.

Need a break or a way to connect with peers in a relaxed, fun way? Show off your gaming skills at the Inverse-Square booth: We’ll have a Galaga contest (!), plus a giveaway for a $250 Amazon gift card.

Let’s Meet

You coming? Let’s connect! Come say hello at our booth, or let’s plan on meeting there and chatting over coffee. Reach me at I look forward to seeing you there!

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