Celebrating Joe Diekhoff - Inverse-Square
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Celebrating Joe Diekhoff

Joe Diekhoff

Celebrating Joe Diekhoff

While Inverse-Square was founded by Bob Baird, it wasn’t a solo effort. From the very beginning, Bob had another developer by his side helping Inverse-Square grow from a two-man team to one of the most successful custom software companies in Indianapolis.

We can’t celebrate Inverse-Square’s fifth anniversary without celebrating Joe Diekhoff.

Joe, you’ve been with Bob and Inverse-Square from the beginning, what does it feel like to be Team Awesome’s O.G.?
Well, starting from meeting in the public library downtown to having our own office space with a sweet skyline view, knowing I’ve had a hand in it all is definitely something I’m proud of. Although, I prefer the title of “Master Chief”, Team Awesome’s O.G. also has a nice ring to it.

OK Master Chief, do you remember when Bob asked you to join him at his own company?
If I recall correctly, it had something to do with drinking a couple of beers. I thought Bob was joking at first when he asked, and he followed up with me a couple weeks later to show he was serious. What ultimately pushed me towards saying yes was I had a great time working with Bob at our previous employer, and I believed we could build a company based on how we worked together.

But what did you really think when Bob asked you to work with him? 
I was excited and terrified. The idea of starting a company was awesome! At the same time it scared me to death. I had no idea what I would be getting into, yet I knew if I didn’t take this opportunity, I would probably regret it.

And what were the first six months with just the two of you like?
Lots of learning. I didn’t have much experience working with a client to build a solution for them and working on a budget. Luckily, I had plenty of tech chops from my education at DePauw, and Bob was able to handle most of client/business management while I learned from him.

Has the company turned out how you thought it would?
I think that’s a tricky question to answer! Not to say I didn’t have high hopes for the company, I was unsure of what to expect in five years when we first first started. I didn’t know if we would still be working remotely with just a few people, or be a larger outfit with a dedicated office. I have to admit, an old-school arcade cabinet in the break room is definitely above and beyond my expectations!

So other than the old-school arcade, what’s your favorite thing about Inverse-Square?
The team, always the team. I work with some great people with a wide range of talents. Plus, Bob’s ever-cheerful attitude makes him a great boss to work for.

What do you think the biggest challenge for I-S has been?
Defining our process. As we’ve grown, we find that our process keeps changing to accommodate for a larger team and more clients. We’ve been taking steps over the last year to plan for growth, and I’ve spent a good chunk of my time to help formalize development strategies.

What’s your proudest accomplishment at work?
Personally, it would be the work I’ve done on the RENU analytics system. It’s been some of the most challenging work I’ve done to date, and much of the work we did researching and integrating with Azure was able to be applied to other clients. For the team as a whole, it would be any time we came together during a crunch period to get work done. It’s only happened a handful of times, though when it does, I’m grateful for the team being there to lend a hand.

Where do you think I-S will be in five years?
I’d like to see Inverse-Square be a more common name in Indianapolis for software consulting. I also think there is potential in presenting at some tech conferences that would be pretty great as well. We have our own series of Lunch-n-Learns we do that I think could provide valuable information to others that are looking to learn more about development strategies.

And what about you, where would you like to be in five years?
Still here at Inverse-Square. I enjoy having a big impact on technical decisions, my coworkers are great, and Bob does a great job with setting direction for the company. I’ll be here as long as the team will have me.

Well Joe, we’re glad you like it here because if that’s the case, you’ll be here forever. 

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