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Inverse-Square Acquired by Kerauno

Inverse-Square Acquired by Kerauno


It’s with a great deal of excitement that we announce a brand new partnership — Inverse-Square has been acquired by local software giant, Kerauno.

In 2011, Inverse-Square was born, starting out in the Indy public library and coffee shops around town. It was me, a developer named Joe, and an idea that custom software development could be a communicative and transparent process and we could change the way businesses go about their day-to-day for the better.

Almost eight years later, we’ve grown to a thriving team of fifteen with five office dogs, 100 clients, and 200 projects under our belt. This amazing journey couldn’t have happened without the support of our clients, partners, friends, and family; and to all of them, we say thank you. Thank you for choosing us, and believing in us.

Although we’re now a part of Kerauno, all of our projects are continuing as normal, all of our service offerings are continuing as normal, and we’re still accepting new clients — same awesome service, different name.

Our mission and values remain unchanged, but now we have additional like-minded and driven resources at hand to create even better and more innovative software solutions.

Stay tuned!

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