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Jesse Bacon

Meet Jesse

To squash the curiosity, Jesse does indeed love bacon. In fact, every special occasion he receives bacon memorabilia. Jesse joined the Inverse-Square family at the beginning of 2014 and it can be argued that one of the primary reasons he was offered the position was because his last name is delicious.


Jesse brings a technically diverse background to Team Awesome. From wireless infrastructure to open source development to systems analysis to .NET, Jesse has seen a variety of technical challenges and consequently, a variety of solutions. He was lured to Team Awesome by the promise of continuing to evolve this experience and working with some extremely competent and solution-centric thinkers.


At home, you will probably find Jesse still on the computer staying current with the latest tech trends, checking RSS feeds, and gaming. He also loves audio production and related software. When he does unplug, he is busy entertaining his wife and two darling daughters by feats of incredible geekdom. Jesse loves exercise and eating healthy, mostly sushi, to offset hours in front of the screen and is usually listening to one of several audio books at a time.


To learn more about Jesse, check out his Employee Spotlight!

Jesse Bacon
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