Joe Diekhoff - Inverse-Square
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Joe Diekhoff

Meet Joe

Joe has been with Inverse-Square since day one, back when the office was a study room at the Indianapolis Public Library and meetings were held at Mo’Joe Coffeehouse. He has been working in the software consulting industry since he graduated college in 2011, and enjoys the evolving work that comes with it.


As Lead Solutions Engineer, Joe focuses on designing systems to meet client needs. Whether it means focusing on integrating data from 3rd parties or streamlining a workflow, he works to make things better for his clients. This often involves working closely with the client to understand their business process in order to get the best results possible.


In his free time, Joe enjoys brewing beer and visiting new restaurants in the Indy area with family and friends. He is a recreational cyclist and knows enough guitar to embarrass himself.

Joe is a Microsoft Certified Professional and a Microsoft Specialist, Programming in C#.


To find out more about Joe, check out our Employee Spotlight and our special Five Year Anniversary Interview!

Joe Diekhoff
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