Lifecycle of a Request: How We Move Your Project from Idea to Reality - Inverse-Square
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Lifecycle of a Request: How We Move Your Project from Idea to Reality

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Lifecycle of a Request: How We Move Your Project from Idea to Reality

OK, you’ve finally pulled the plug and made the decision to speak to us about how a custom software solution can benefit your business. The development process may seem daunting and you might be feeling overwhelmed. We can understand that. But, at Inverse-Square, efficiency is critical! We work with our clients to ensure all of their needs are addressed. So, to help you get an idea about what will be happening on our end, have a look at the steps we’ll be taking to get you from inception to installation.

Step 1: The Request

1.1 You contact Inverse-Square with a request. A Sales Executive, Project Manager, and Business Analyst will meet with you to discuss what your requirements are.

1.2 Our Project Manager shares your request with the Development Team.

1.3 We will then get back to you with any questions or concerns to make sure that we’re all on the same page.

Step 2: Analysis

2.1 Our Business Analyst will validate and execute your requirements.

2.2 The Project Team will put together the time and budget estimates for your custom software based on your requirements.

2.3 Then, the Project Manager will share the estimates with you and determine the priority in relation to other maintenance or enhancements.

Lifecycle of a Request

Step 3: Development

3.1 The Project Manager will schedule the required work for the Development Team. This is where the magic happens, the Development Team begins to code the features and build your custom software.

Step 4: Testing

4.1 Once the build is complete, the Development Team releases the application to a testing environment. Our Quality Assurance (QA) Team will examine the features on the test site and either approve or disapprove the feature. If necessary, the Development Team will revisit the feature based on the feedback from QA.

4.2 When the feature is ready for your review, you will have an opportunity to approve or disapprove it.

Step 5: Production

5.1 Once we have your approval, the Development Team will release the feature to the production site and our test team will confirm that the feature is successfully working in production.

Voila! You now are ready to save valuable time and resource with a custom application tailored to your unique needs.

As you can see, developing a custom application takes more than one developer; you need different components to see the project through. From Sales, to Project Managers and Business Analysts, on to the Developers who write the code and Quality Assurance who check the code, our team works together and with you every step of the way as we turn your request into a functional application.

Are you ready to take the next steps in your custom software solution? Request a consultation with us today to get started.

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