Lisa Kilgore Jr Application Developer | Inverse-Square Team
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Lisa Kilgore

Meet Lisa

Application Developer Lisa may hail from a small, country town but says, “farming and country life never came naturally to me, and I was ready to explore outside of Ohio.” This led Lisa to Indiana University and then onto Indianapolis after graduation.


Lisa worked for sixteen years at a large tech company where she enjoyed her role as a Product Owner of several internal applications. A desire to learn more about development prompted Lisa to attend a coding boot camp at the Eleven Fifty Academy before joining Inverse-Square.


By far, my favorite part of the job is the amazing group of people I get to work with every day. Team Awesome certainly lives up to its name. I also love that every day is different and challenging.


As part of the custom development team, Lisa enjoys, ‘the culture, the opportunities, and again, the great people!


Outside of work, Lisa likes to spend time with her husband and step-daughters playing board games, attending sporting events and concerts, and taking long walks with her dog.


Fun fact about Lisa: Not only is she a fraternal twin, but her step-daughters are as well!

Lisa Kilgore
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