Molly Thatcher - Inverse-Square
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Molly Thatcher

Meet Molly

Although Molly Thatcher has only been with Inverse-Square since 2018, it’s difficult to imagine how Bob got by before this Chief of Staff joined the team.


Every day, I think of ways to make Bob’s life easier and to keep him sane. I view my job as taking care of the little things so he can focus on the big things.


Molly’s biggest source of happiness in life is creating and nurturing relationships which has made her a natural fit for Team Awesome who she admits make her laugh until she cries almost every day. “I love working with a group of driven people who genuinely care about what they produce every single day.


Outside of the office, Molly can be found working out, obsessing over her music collection, and hanging out with her Teacup Yorkie Sunny.

Molly Thatcher

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