Project Spotlight: NCCC - Inverse-Square
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Project Spotlight: NCCC

Project Spotlight: NCCC

For almost twenty years The National Center for College Costs (NCCC) has been helping students and parents prepare for college with various programs and services.

Their goal is to “reach large volumes of students and parents on certain key college preparatory issues that otherwise might prevent students from attending and/or successfully transitioning to post-secondary education; and to create a culture of ‘college for all’ by raising the expectations and readiness of students, their parents and others who support them.

The NCCC accomplishes this is by helping families calculate how much it will cost for students to attend college in Indiana and by pairing students with scholarships and other funding opportunities to make college more affordable.

As the work The NCCC does is very customized, a custom software solution was their only viable option. Using federal formulas, they look at information such as a student’s age, finances, and academics to determine how much of the tuition will be a student’s responsibility. Considering the sensitive information that would be exchanged between the users and The NCCC, the security of the custom web application was paramount.

Since 2012, our development team has been maintaining the application, introducing new features, and installing upgrades. Now students can log on, create accounts, fill out estimators, compare college costs for colleges in Indiana, and contact The NCCC staff with questions. The software workflow then analyzes the student’s information and outputs an estimated family contribution. Based on that estimate, the software system calculates the approximate cost of going to a specific college for that student. The system relays that information to the NCCC staff so they can help advise the student.

The NCCC is a worthwhile endeavor in the investment of Indiana’s future but prior to having built a custom software solution, all of the information had to be calculated manually! The time and resources saved by the custom software application development are immeasurable.

Is your business or organization spending hours crunching numbers manually? Save time and valuable resources with a custom software solution built for you!

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