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The Wireframe of a Custom Software Development Team

Much like the custom applications they create, the teams that develop the apps need to be versatile and well-rounded. With any effective team, a range of skills will provide better results rather than relying on the processes and ideas of a single mind. A comprehensive custom software development team requires skill sets in three equally important areas: business, design and development, and quality control.


The business operations team leader helps the team act strategically, while a project manager serves as the point of contact, ensuring that the team has the necessary information to stay on schedule. The members of the business operations team make sure the rest of the team take into account all the factors of the project to create the most successful application possible.


Those working on the design and development of your application need to have a detailed understanding of the application’s functions. Collectively, they utilize complex business logic to ensure your application carries out its intended processes and operates effectively. Not only do the people on this team take into account the hard data that will need to be interpreted correctly, but they ensure that your users have the best possible experience interacting with the application. While there might be multiple ways to accomplish what you’re looking for, they engage in user research to provide an industry best practice solution.


The third type of skill that a custom development team needs to have is quality control. After the application is completed, a Quality Assurance/Quality Control Engineer rigorously tests your custom application. Testing includes a requirement validation step on all appropriate platforms to make sure your application functions without any missing, incomplete, or inaccurate features.


You will be hard-pressed to find a person that has all the necessary qualities to produce an effective application on their own; a developer who also has a keen business mind or a project manager with an ability to code or an eye for design. That’s why it’s important to really consider hiring a custom development partner that possesses the right blend of skills to make your custom application a success instead of trying to build the team internally.


Below is a more in-depth look at the roles needed for a custom software development team. Working across a spectrum of talent assures that you will receive a custom application optimal in design and execution. With the experienced team at Inverse-Square, you can be sure that your project will get the comprehensive attention it needs.

Custom Software Development Team