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Professional Development In the Manufacturing Industry

Professional Development In the Manufacturing Industry

Professional Development In the Manufacturing Industry

One of the greatest things about working in Indianapolis is the endless opportunities to network and to continue to grow as a professional. No matter what industry or profession you are in, it is almost guaranteed that you can find a group to call home. These groups’ activities range from having well-known speakers discuss current trends, to simply having a group of like-minded individuals you can reach out to when you need a second opinion.

As a software development company in Indianapolis, we at Inverse-Square work with a lot of companies in the manufacturing industry. The manufacturing industry in Indianapolis is booming and as a professional in it, it’s more important than ever to continue to grow your skill set and network with experts in the field.

Is professional development a resolution or goal for you? If so, check out these three groups that can connect you to the right people in the manufacturing industry.

1. The Indiana Manufacturers Association has been around since 1901 and has over 1400 members. Their mission is to create a dynamic business climate for Indiana. This association has a staff that can offer consulting services to all of its members. On top of consulting, some of the other benefits this association are; offering its members seminars and workshops, connections to like-minded individuals and organizations, and they serve as an advocate for all things manufacturing. Another great perk they offer is access to their discount programs. The programs allow members to receive discounts from businesses such as Hertz and OfficeMax. Signing up for membership is as easy as submitting a form on their website. The Indiana Manufacturers Association is a great, local group to look into.

2. The National Association of Manufacturing is the country’s largest trade association. This association represents manufacturing companies and professionals in all 50 states. The greatest benefit the National Association of Manufacturing (NAM) offers is its abundant collection of online resources and publications. They also have a staff of experts on hand that can offer advice and guidance regarding policy and current legislative happenings. This association’s motto is: Leading Innovation. Creating Opportunity. Pursuing Progress. If you are looking for a resource on manufacturing trends, this association is definitely worth your time.

3. The Association of Manufacturing Excellence was founded in 1985 and currently has over 5,000 members. Their membership typically ranges from executives to mid-level managers who are looking for that competitive edge through knowledge. This association is run by volunteers who simply have the desire to improve the quality of manufacturing companies and their employees. One cool thing that this association offers is a spring conference that brings together its members to share ideas, case studies and to get to know others in the industry. Spring conferences feature experts in the industry discussing current trends and encourages attendees to become forward-thinkers. This association is for those who are interested in innovation and moving the manufacturing industry forward.

These are just a few of the manufacturing associations in the area at the moment. They offer an opportunity for growth for both your business and yourself. Knowledge is power and these associations are bringing manufacturing professionals together to share ideas, encourage innovation and drive the future of manufacturing.

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