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Project Spotlight: Project Giving Kids

Project Spotlight: Project Giving Kids

Life is busy, every parent knows that. Everyone is running here, there, and everywhere; school, meetings, soccer practice, homework. It can be difficult to find the time to sit down to eat dinner together, let alone give back to the community. But what if you want to give back, and more importantly, you want to teach your children that it’s important to give back? That’s where Project Giving Kids comes in.

“Project Giving Kids is a nonprofit all about connecting busy kids and families to fun, meaningful and age-appropriate service activities through a unique website experience.” A pretty fantastic idea if you ask us, and guess who made the website come to life… We did!

Project Giving Kids

Project Giving Kids (PGK) needed the ability to create custom content highlighting Non Profit Organizations, volunteering activities, and the latest news about PGK, so four years ago Bob and Joe began to build them a website that would fulfill all their needs!

Using the open source content management system, Umbraco, as the base product to handle most of the content creation, PGK’s new custom web application is customized to fit their unique needs.

It allows for kids to give back to their community by using search tools to find volunteering activities that they would be interested in in their area, and it helps kids learn about volunteering opportunities through non-profit organizations. The kids create a profile where they can record volunteering activities that they have already performed, and to learn about more volunteering opportunities, and it allows non-registered users to browse the site to learn about different Non-Profits and volunteering activities that are available.

We love working with amazing organizations like PGK and building awesome custom software tailored to fit their needs. If you’d like us to build you something awesome, contact us today!

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