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Project Spotlight: College Mentors For Kids

custom web application

Project Spotlight: College Mentors For Kids

College Mentors For Kidsconnects college students with the most, to give to kids who need it most,” and we connected College Mentors with a new Membership Management System.

Although their previous software was a web-based application, it had reached a point where incremental improvements were no longer an option; it was simply too antiquated. Our development team built the whole system from the ground up with the latest and greatest in website software.

Their new remote-accessible, custom web application is hosted on Azure and allows College Mentors to facilitate the onboarding and training of new mentors through a quiz based content system that helps to ensure that each of their mentors is in compliance with their role. The system also helps align those college mentors with their youth mentees. Since everyone is working remotely, the ability for everyone to be able to log into a central portal and share information is crucial.

The Membership Management System is already proving to be a huge boost in process efficiency removing the need to send employees across the country to meet with potential mentors faces to face. Through systems integration, it also automates background checks and reporting; this alone has allowed three intern positions to be put to more productive use. There’s really nothing like the Membership Management System available for purchase off the shelf, proving it pays to go custom!


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