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Project Spotlight: Cook Medical

Project Spotlight: Cook Medical

Headed by Director of Application Development, Drew Reed, the Event Tracker System project for Cook Medical has been a Team Awesome collaboration for four years linking Cook’s global enterprise from North America to Europe, the Middle East, Africa and soon Asia!


Founded in Indiana in 1963, Cook Medical now sells their medical equipment to over 130 different countries worldwide. One of the way in which Cook sells their products, is by demonstrating how they are used live at events that they host. Doctors and medical professionals attend these events all over the world to see how Cooks products can help them treat their patients.

A great deal of detail and information is required to plan and host these events with Cook offices using different systems over the years to manage them, and that’s where Team Awesome comes in! Replacing Access databases, spreadsheets, and other custom software solutions, the new custom web application we call, the Event Tracker, ensures reliable consistency and compliance regulation across the company.

After initial information about the event is entered into the Event Tracker, the application spins out a web page for people who would like to attend the event to register. That registration information is then automatically fed back into the Event Tracker which manages guest and vendor information keeping track of every detail and task in a consistent and reliable way. It’s workflow automation at its finest!

Instead of different and inconsistent approaches worldwide, Cook Medical now has one dependable and consistent way of managing their events all with only one system!

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