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Project Spotlight: Music Travel Consultants

Project Spotlight: Music Travel Consultants

We all know Disney Land is the happiest place on Earth, and who hasn’t heard that joyful cry of, “I’m going to Disney World”! But, here’s something we never hear; “I’m going to sit behind a computer and repeatedly enter twelve digit codes until my eyes are blurry!” And for good reason too, who would want to do that? Unfortunately, that’s something that the folks at Music Travel Consultants knew about all too well.

Founded in 1987, Music Travel Consultants is an Indianapolis based company that organizes travel for some of the finest bands, choirs and orchestras in the world, including trips to Disney.

To make it easier for these large groups traveling to Disney parks, each individual traveler is assigned a card which allows them to enter the park and fast pass access to rides. Every one of these cards has a unique, twelve digit code on it which identifies it and its owner .

However, in order to match the digits to its traveling owner, the twelve digits would have to be manually entered into a database. It was a time consuming and arduous process to say the least, but luckily Inverse-Square had the perfect solution for streamlining the process with the Group Ticket Magician; an automated process to scan and label the travel cards with traveler information and capture that Disney card number back to the traveler record.

Now instead of mind-numbingly typing numbers over and over again, it’s this easy; the travel operator simply uploads their traveler list to the Group Ticket Magician and it generates barcodes containing the traveler information that will print on labels. The operator then sticks the labels on the cards, slides it into the new scanner device, which then captures and connects the traveler record with the Disney card. It’s that simple with custom software!

Whereas, the original manual process took about 15 – 20 seconds per card, now thanks to Director of Application Development, Drew Reed, and the magical, Group Ticket Magician, the new automated process only takes four.

From twenty seconds to only four multiplied by hundreds upon hundreds of travelers, equals valuable time and resource costs saved! Now that’s a happy place.

If you are looking for a way to streamline your business processes to save valuable time and money, contact Inverse-Square, we can help you with all of your custom web application development needs.

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