Project Spotlight: RENU Management - Inverse-Square
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Project Spotlight: RENU Management

Project Spotlight: RENU Management

Have you ever rented or bought a house? Chances are you have, and you know that it’s a time consuming and daunting practice.

Now imagine if you worked for a property firm and comparing homes to rent and buy was your bread and butter. RENU Management is in the buying and renting property game, and knows all too well how much work is involved, but thanks to the amazing skill of Lead Solutions Engineer, Joe Diekhoff, and his team, comparing properties just got a whole lot easier!


Since 2011, Joe, Bob, and Ann Marie have been working on a Property Acquisition System for RENU Management. Built using Microsoft technologies, the Property Acquisition System is designed for property analysis; comparing the square footage, age, beds, days on market, and price of properties.

The new custom software system currently tracks over 5.6 million properties, with 1500 – 1700 new properties being added daily and, as many as 6,000 to 30,000 updates to existing properties being made each day as well!

Imagine trying to compare over 5 million properties without the use of a custom web application, and only an Access database to help you out? We can’t either! The new Property Acquisition System saves time and money, and is a prime example of process efficiency through custom software development.

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your old databases and hello to a custom software application built just for your business, contact us today for a free consultation! 

Want to develop your custom software with Team Awesome? Request a consultation with us today.