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Project Spotlight: The Society of American Fight Directors


Project Spotlight: The Society of American Fight Directors

When stage and cinema artists need to train in the art of stage combat, they turn to the Society of Fight Directors, “an organization of dedicated artists whose purpose is to promote safety and foster excellence in the art of performing, teaching, and directing staged combat/theatrical violence.”

And when the Society of American Fight Directors needs a custom web application to manage their members’ information, they turn to Inverse-Square.

the society of american fight directors

In June of last year, the dynamic duo of Jesse and Joe began working with the Society for American Fight Directors (SAFD) on a new membership management application to keep track of the numerous people who belong to their organization; members with roles varying from festival directors, to action star trainers.

SAFD’s requirements for their application were broad; they needed something that was both a a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool and a Content Management System (CMS) that was able to track training and payment options.

While SAFD had a custom software system in place already, it was built on top a CMS called, Drupal, but trying to customize Drupal wasn’t giving SAFD everything that they needed and that was proving to be more frustrating than having no tools whatsoever. Most of the custom requirements were fulfilled with plugins to the Drupal system that were not meant for the job that they were performing. This led to an extremely frustrating and inefficient user experience.

Starting over, Jesse and Joe were able to leverage a modern open source CMS called umbraco and build on the additional functionality that SAFD required. Taking advantage of Umbraco’s high level of extensibility, they we were able to build a custom solution that sat side-by-side with the CMS, allowing them to control the content and still have the ability to easily manage tests. It’s also backed by Microsoft’s Azure platform which allows them to easily scale the performance of the application to fit the demands of seasonal traffic.

The requirements necessary to facilitate tracking membership levels, training, and everything else that SAFD needs to effectively manage their organization, was truly custom, and not anything that could be found in a pre-packaged solution.

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