Project Spotlight: Special Olympics Indiana - Inverse-Square
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Project Spotlight: Special Olympics Indiana

Project Spotlight: Special Olympics Indiana

With over over 10,000 volunteers, Special Olympics Indiana (SOI) have their hands full managing and coordinating all of their volunteer’s data between different counties and varied processes. Inverse-Square is honored to have been chosen by SOI to help them find an easier way to do so with a new online database system customized to meet their needs.

The powerhouse team of Drew, Ann Marie, Joe, and Jesse have been working tirelessly on a Volunteer Management System for SOI. This new custom software system will enable SOI to manage volunteer data in one centralized system.  With the Volunteer Management System, people can apply for a volunteer position online and the system will automate and track the processes that will help them become an active volunteer; including automated background checks and individual training.

The Volunteer Management System will replace Excel spreadsheets, paper applications, and manual processing. The custom web application component takes a volunteer prospect through a step-by-step process entering their information, and then initiates a secure automated background check. Applicants will then be required to go through two online training programs within the system before it promotes them to an active volunteer status. The new system will also include management tools for SOI county leaders and their staff.

SOI can now keep track of volunteers’ information and statuses, and manage all of the data in one centralized, cloud based, custom system.

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